My journey to a healthier me.

Mid-week weigh in — August 20, 2015

Mid-week weigh in

So my official weigh in is on Saturday but I got on the scale and it said 260! Only 1 pounds until I hit my into the 250s goals. Yesterday I ended up eating out 2 times because I was with my sister at the hospital. Here’s another reason why I am on my weight loss journey, DIABETES! My grandmother had it, my aunt, my sister, and my brother have it. I am at risk for getting it. I took my sister to hospital because last week she got a squirrel bite on her left hand. Last week when it happened I took her to the urgent care to get antibiotics and a tetanus shot but the infection got really bad. Tuesday when we were back to school shopping for our boys I notice that her hand was really hot when she touched my arm. I made her go to the ER,come to find out she hasn’t had her insulin and meds for 4 months, so her diabetes was uncontrolled. They took her blood sugar and it was 347! I asked her why she wasn’t on her meds and she told me that she missed her last doctor appointment in June and when she rescheduled they gave her an appointment in October, but in the meantime her doctor wouldn’t refill her meds without seeing her. Crazy if you ask me, let’s just say baby sister handle it and she’s seeing her doctor on Monday. Here’s the reason I tell this story, the infection was so bad, and her diabetes was so uncontrolled that she almost lost her hand. In fact the nurses and doctor told her she’s lucky I brought her in because even one more day and her hand would be gone. She’s going to be ok but I pray this was a wake up call for her. 


Everyone loved it — August 16, 2015

Everyone loved it

Tonight we had dinner over at my in-laws house. My father in-law was making chili so I decided to bring a salad for me to eat so that I could control my carbs. I brought enough for everyone to share if they wanted. I used Italian salad mix, grilled chicken, cucumbers, green peppers, avocado, and sharp cheddar cheese. Out of 6 of us 4(including me) ate my salad because it looked so good. When I walked in there were a couple of people I haven’t seen since my weight loss journey and they kept saying how great I looked. Won’t lie it felt really good to get noticed. Here’s a picture I took tonight: 


Back at it — August 15, 2015
Weigh in day —

Weigh in day

Nothing great but

  • Starting weight: 276
  • Last week: 264
  • This week: 263.8

Thursday and Friday we had family visiting and my Atkins diet was challenged. Thursday we went to Taco Bell for lunch, honestly not my pick but I was out voted. When we got there I was going to get the cantina bowl minus rice but my evil twin talked me into getting the 2 chalupa meal with a soft taco. I did manage to reason with myself and only ate one chalupa with the shell. The other one and the soft taco I scraped the insides out and threw away the shells. Believe it or not my mom actually made tacos again that night for dinner but this time I made a taco salad and watched the carb count on everything. Next morning I got on the scale and it said 265.8! Then I go sit down to breakfast and my mom has made biscuits and gravy(my favorite). I halfed the portions but still indulged. Finally I was cleared to workout but nothing extreme. I hit my treadmill, lifted weights, and ate extra concious of carbs and today’s weight is 263.8. My goal is to be into the 250s by next Saturday.  


Hello my old friend — August 14, 2015

Hello my old friend

Hit the treadmill for the first time in 3 weeks and I can’t believe how much I have missed it. I kind of forgot to take it easy giving the fact I was so excited because I completely forgot about my fractured foot. It wasn’t until 45 minuted into it that I realized my left foot felt like it was on fire and I had to stop, but I still managed to make it 2.5 miles. 11889689_10153120874641446_903821022307464995_n

Been awhile — August 11, 2015

Been awhile

I didn’t post my weigh in on Saturday because I weighed the same as last week. While on vacation I did indulge a little and I actually gained 2.5 pounds back. So I begun being very aware of what I was eating and I’m happy to say that I am down to 264. So that makes it a total of 12 pounds lost since I started 6 weeks ago. My foot is healing and next week I will be back to working out everyday again. I went to my physical therapist for my evaluation and I absolutely love my PT, she’s amazing and is really excited because I am really excited. I start tomorrow going 2 times a week this week and will be doing that for 3 month or longer if needed. We are going to start by strengthening my ab muscles and then move to my back muscles. I told her that my goal is to do a 5K by my birthday in March and she is going to help me get there.

Snack time — August 5, 2015
Dieting while on vacation  —

Dieting while on vacation 

We have been in Key Largo, FL for 2 days and so far I’m doing pretty good on my diet. I did cheat and have a small piece of key lime pie. I visited a local farmers market, they had the most amazing dragon fruit there. Since it is 91 degrees here I tried a slushy at one of the stands and it was delicious.

It was made with puréed watermelon and shaved ice. Very refreshing. There has been a lot of walking so far. Tomorrow we are going a glass bottom tour and I am so excited.

Fractured foot but still progress — August 1, 2015

Fractured foot but still progress

  Weigh in result: 

  • beginning weight 276
  •  last weight in 272.8 
  • this week 266.8. 

That’s almost 10 pounds lost! Update on foot, yesterday it was really swollen and I could not put on any of my shoes. So I decided to go to the urgent care and get an X-ray, I have a hairline fracture, no working out for 2 weeks. Honestly it’s killing me not to, it feels so unnatural. 
Update on my Atkins diet: it hasn’t been that hard, I’ve been eating a lot of salads and I use my 20g of carbs I get daily to eat fruit. The first day I had a splitting head, most likely from sugar withdrawal, so I bought these Atkins endulge candies. I’ve only tried the peanut butter cups and chocolate candies but they are really good.


Atkins Diet — July 30, 2015

Atkins Diet

I meet with a nutritionist to discuss weight loss options. I explained that I’ve been doing a low calorie diet and it wasn’t really working. So for the next 30 days (actually 29 days since I started yesterday) I will be doing the Atkins diet. I’m excited to try this out, I weighed myself this morning this was the results

That’s right I’m down to 268.4lbs. Unfortunately for me I will not be able to workout because I bruised my foot but dropped a bottle on it.  

It’s gotten worst since then 😦